Ongoing Challenges

After Hurricane Katrina, a significant number of physicians left the community, leaving many patients without their usual medical home. Thousands of people lost the jobs that had provided health insurance.

Since the re-opening of St Thomas clinic in October, 2005, the clinic has provided ongoing comprehensive primary care to patients regardless of their ability to pay St Thomas CHC accepts most major health insurance plans. For patients without insurance, St Thomas CHC sees patients on a sliding fee scale based on the patient’s ability to pay. Fees may, on occasion, be waived where appropriate.

Mental health issues including counseling, case management, and programs to support community health resiliency are offered in conjunction by Licensed Clinic Social Workers through a collaboration with Sixth Baptist Church.

As part of the program to promote community health and resilience, St Thomas provides a structured leadership/entrepreneurship for young people in the community. This program is developed through a partnership with Sixth Baptist Church. Several academic centers and agencies with expertise in these areas have consulting with using the development of these services. The Episcopal Dioceses of Louisiana, and of Southwest Florida have supported us generously as we develop this program.